Opening: Thursday June 20th, from 6-9PM
West Side Fest ( July 12-14, hours TBD

End of Show: July 15 (TBC)

De-install: Second half of July. All out by … (TBD)

Co-curated by Valérie Hallier and Noah Trapolino

Participating artists:

  • Louisa Armbrust
  • Aisha T Bell
  • Martin Campos
  • Tiffany Cole
  • Ursula Endlicher
  • Natasha Gornik
  • Valérie Hallier
  • Lily Hyon
  • Daniel Maidman
  • Jody Mc Donald
  • Shiri Mordechay
  • Serena Nickson
  • Agnès Pezeu
  • Roxane Revon
  • Morgan Suter
  • Elizabeth Tolson
  • Noah Trapolino

Ex-Femina, Latin for « from woman, » encapsulates the profound transformation in the portrayal of femininity and the female gaze within contemporary art. This evolution is not merely a shift in representation but a declamation of agency, identity, and perspective.

International artists of various genders explore, through mediums including sculpture, painting, photography, collage, drawing, diorama and textile art, facets of womanhood beyond the confines of objectification and passive observation. Through figurative and abstract forms, they explore themes of fertility, nature, animality, intimacy, technology, spirituality, consumption and trickery among others.

Ex-Femina inclusively and playfully celebrates the multifaceted nature of the female experience beyond conventional constructs.